Alexandre Dupeyron


Franco-german independent photographer, born in 1983.

Graduated from the Emi-CFD, the only parisien photography school, dedicated to photo journalism.
Living and working between Paris, Berlin and Casablanca; after three years spent in Morocco to cover all Africa, two years in Singapore to cover Asia and one year in India.

Solo exhibitions:

Grille du Jardin public, France (2013)

Marche de Lerme, France (2012)

Galerie Nadar, Morocco (2012)

False Ceiling Art Gallery, India (2012)

Open Moselle, France (2011)

Vue privée, Singapore (2010)

The World Centre for Peace in Verdun, France (2007)

The European Council, France (2006)


Group exhibitions

LAB Galerie Artyfact, France (2013)

Design and Cook Gallery, Maroc (2009)

Villa Houda, Maroc (2010)

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